ADDIVAL, offer industrial scale additive manufacturing solutions for unique and specialized needs according the customer requeriments. Tailored mechanical solutions with additive manufacturing. Addival help you identify those áreas of your value chain where additive manufacturing can have the greatest impact and add the most value.

ArianeMoto, the best electric mini bike for kids. Sustainable competition. For Racing initiation for childrens between 3 and 9 years old. ArianeK2Re: 6,5Kw. 90km/h. maximum speed. Low maintenance, no stains of oil or gasoline, low cost energy.

IDEADED is developing processes and materials technologies enabling the next generation of highly cost effective everyday IoT electronics, paving the way for billions of connected devices.


R53 Suspension, is a High Technology Suspension company based in Warwick, United Kingdom. Designs and manufactures bespoke and fully customised shock absorbers for motorsport, road, offroad and special vehicles. Quality, Customer Focus, Technology, Performance and Innovation are the core values of R53.

SMARTPM is an engineering and solutions development company focused on intelligent automation and optimization of industrial processes in the field of precision machining, based on a deep process knowledge both in the field of machining and metrology.